Southern Fried Chicken


Seasoned to perfection! Debs Crust alone will keep you coming back for more!

Baked or Smothered Chicken


Fried or baked pork chops


Mama's perfectly tender and seasoned chops will make you drool!

Catfish [Fried or Baked]


Fred's Catch of the Day.

Fried Perch


Generous portion seasoned and fried golden brown

Mama's Meatloaf


Slow cooked to perfection

Roast Beef & Potatoes


Turkey and Dressin'


It's slammin'!

Pulled Pork


Side of Meat

Chicken Breast - $2.75

Wing, Leg or Thigh - $1.60

Catfish - $2.75

Perch - $1.25

Other - $3.25